Together we explore future ways for HR and
implement these digitally and effectively !



We bring HR and IT together! We advise HR within digital transformation and support the implementation. We always focus on benefits. We provide experiences in technologies such as SAP HCM, SuccessFactors or LowCode platforms, for example.

To support executives, managers and HR professionals in becoming pioneers of new work and drivers of transformation in their own company, we do not only offer consulting but also impulse lectures, on-the-job training, workshops and coaching.

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Mit Euch möchten wir neue Wege der Personalarbeit kennenlernen, entwickeln und ausprobieren.

Agile Experimente
HR Lab
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Ehrlicher Austausch auf Augenhöhe, ein Partner mit dem ich Ideen genau so diskutieren kann, wie ganz operative Probleme: das ist unser Angebot.

HR / HR IT strategy
Leadership coaching
Training on the job
Design of HR
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HR kann Pionier sein,
indem es sich stets auf die verändernden Bedingungen sowie Bedarfe einstellen und wirksame Antworten finden.Wir lassen HR und IT gemeinsam wirksam 

Agile HR projects
Process optimization
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Wir kümmern uns um 
HR-IT-Projekte: Begleitung einer Ausschreibung, Marktsondierung, Projektmanagement, Konzeption oder Qualitätssicherung des Ergebnisses. 

Project management
Conception & QA
SAP HCM projects
Operational support

Our company is young. Our crew members are highly experienced. Together we can leverage from our expriences derived from many projects for many customers. 


Years of Experience







As a consulting company, we usually tailor an offer explicitly to your needs. With some selected topics we would like to support you to become more effective.


HR-Strategie HR-IT-Strategie VendorSelection

HR IT Strategy & 

Vendor Selection

HR is partner and enabler at the same time. A solid HR IT architecture is the foundation for digital transformation. The HR IT strategy describes the way forward. 


Cloud vs. on-premise? HCM suite or best-of breed? We support you in finding answers and definining your roadmap.

Performance & Goals

How established instruments become effective despite virtual leadership in times for working from home.

meHRsalz Mitarbeitergespräche Zielvereinbarungen
meHRsalz agile SAP HCM HR Projekte

Agile SAP HR Projects

Many HR departments already use SAP HR software. How about you?
We believe that MORE is possible: through agility and the orientation towards the existing systems, we quickly achieve effective results for the employees.

HR Quick Check

The HR Quick Check creates transparency on existing strengths and weaknesses, identifies areas of improvements and assigns them to a prioritised HR roadmap.

meHRsalz HR Quick Check


Experiences of our consultants and practical examples of what we do.

Optimization self services

The HR portal for managers and employees provides limited HR services. The utilisation rate is low.



  • Alignment on use cases

  • Pilot for three self service scenarios

  • Rollout concept

  • Technical realisation

  • Evaluation of usability


Significant increase of the utilisation rate


HR Controlling​

The existing HR reporting tool only contains a few relevant indicators and is prone to errors



  • Identification of needs

  • Analysis of the database & data collection

  • Prototyping & testing

  • Technical implementation and iterative development


High acceptance and relevance to top management


Evaluation and feedback

After the introduction of self-dependent agile teams, management tools need to be revised



  • Team retroperspective

  • Concept for 'evaluation and feedback'

  • Design Thinking workshopsfor prototype development

  • Testing with evaluation


High acceptance of the new tools, user buy-in


Rollout ​

A new candidate-centred IT solution for recruiting shall be rolled-out globally


  • Requirement definition and business case

  • Blueprint

  • Prototyping

  • Rollout concept and plan

  • Loalisation of the global framework

  • Projekt and rollout management



  • Requirement definition and business case

  • Blueprint

  • Prototyping

  • Rollout concept and plan

  • Loalisation of the global framework

  • Projekt and rollout management

  • Requirement definition and business case

  • Blueprint

  • Prototyping

  • Rollout concept and plan

  • Loalisation of the global framework

  • Projekt and rollout management


HR Organisation

After inorganic company growth HR's offering and organisational set-up needs to be redinfed



  • Strategy review

  • Concept for a customer-centered organisational structure

  • Lighthouse projects

  • Rollout support

  • Poll surveys


More efficient HR: Same FTE ratio with expanded service offering


Who we are

"We bring HR and IT together!"


A young, lively company with a lot of experience:

Philipp Hölzle and Wolfgang Dörner have advised HR for many years - Philipp with focus on HR strategies and the design of HR work and Wolfgang as a SAP expert with an enthusiasm for new work. Both strive for making HR more effective. They see a great challenge for HR managers to successfully master the balance between HR and IT. Bringing the two fields together and thus enabling and supporting HR to realise ideas in a digitized environment - that is the idea of ​​meHRsalz!


Our name



To transform HR to something personal again, something for "me" - that is our goal. With targeted methods and the right attitude, we want to strengthen the people-focus in the company. HR managers will again be proud of "my HR".



Modern HR has by no means the unsavory aftertaste with which it is often associated. We add "salt to the soup". Next to showcase projects and impulses we take initiatives to spice up current practices.



Usually there is no one-size-fits-all solution and more then one route for HR. It is a departure into unknown worlds, an exploration of new horizons. As ship crew we help you to discover the sea and to have a great trip together!


Since the start-up in 2020 it was of great importance to us to bring our beliefs into our company. All of our employees are shareholders of the company - it is our company!


The foundation gives us the chance to live and shape New Work ourselves. We are continuosly reflecting our own ways and meanings. Doing so we are looking at attitude and community, organisational methods and leadership styles and topics such as part-time and parental leave.


We are always striving for new impulses for us as a company and for us as curious individuals but mainly for developing good solutions for people in organisations. We take great pleasure in infecting and inspiring others with our passion.

Our Tid(e)ings


wiHRkung - effect

Whether tanker, speedboat or canoe - the goal is what counts. We focus on people and the solution to their problems, because your benefit counts for us. Methods and technologies are only important tools here.

meHRblick - sea view

As “pirates without an eye patch”, we look at HR and IT with both eyes. Without a blind spot, we iteratively create real implementations.


faHRtwind - airstream

We are agile and in the flow. We follow the constant changes and currents and use them. This way there is always pace in our journey and we reach new shores!


navigatoHR - navigator

We see ourselves as guides. As seafarers who are familiar with the area, we master challenges together with our customers "on an equal footing". Even in storms we find the right way together.

meHRestiefe - sea depth

With an all-round view, we accompany you on your journey from the impulse to the horizon. We are happy to help you find your course again. We see HR holistically and like to go deep into the machine room. This way we master your transformation together.

HRzlichkeit - warmth

For us, work is a passion.
We explore new working environments and want to share our joy in them.



Meet the Crew

Dr. Philipp Hölzle
Dr. Philipp Hölzle
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"HR is a pioneer
of change. "

Phiipp Petermann
Philipp Petermann
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"MORE freedom through digitization."

Philipp Schwarz
Philipp Schwarz
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“risk is
the precursor of success. "

Carl Amery

Wolfgang Dörner
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"Freedom. Do IT."

Bewerbung meHRsalz
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"HR is driver of the employee experience."

Lea North
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"HR needs to focus
on humans."

Michael Greß
Michael Greß
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"Fit for
HR digitization. "

Noel Wehrle
Noel Wehrle
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you have to do it. "

Our Locations


Our office is located on Wallstrasse 27, at the heart of the capital's business and startup district, in Berlin-Mitte. The central location, the proximity to the Spree Canal and to public transport make it an ideal spot to work and meet .

In the inspiring design thinking room, we create solutions with our customers or discuss internal developments.

In the "library" and the kitchen with dining table tennis, we enjoy the partnership with our colleagues from civity Management Consultants .


Our working area is in the middle of the IT region Karlsruhe, in the south-west town on the 2nd floor of an Art Nouveau villa in the Leopoldstrasse. A number of startups have already grown in this house with its young entrepreneurial environment.

Public transport is only a few minutes away.  Many public squares, pubs and restaurants in the area mean that culture is not neglected.

The open design and the flexible furnishings offer us the opportunity to work closely together and be creative - with or for our customers.


The Board

Christian Rathgen

Christian Rathgen


  • BizDevDigitalGrowth ESCRIBA AG

  • Former CFO flightright

  • Experienced founder, consultant and digitalization expert

Katharina Hölzle

Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle

Deputy Chair

  • Head of the IT Entrepreneurship Department at the Hasso Plattner Institute at the University of Potsdam

  • Editor of the journal "Creativity and Innovation Management"

  • Deputy Chair of the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation to advise the Federal Government


Jörg Haas


  • Managing director and founder of various Consulting and Tech companies

  • Experienced consultant, strategist and marketing professional

  • Background in the automotive industry

Our board of directors


As GmbH & Co. KGaA, we have a supervisory board that, in addition to its duties, supports us with advice and assistance.



We want to identify new ways for our customers and walk them together. Sometimes special partners are needed to leverage from additional perspectives or to deep-dive into specific areas. To ensure that we provide the best team we work closely with selected partners.


Briefly we will introduce some partners here.



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