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HR is the driver for happy people in the company who are eager to develop their potential. To prepare the ground HR needs to be a pioneer, continously adapting to changing conditions and requirements and finding effective answers.
That is easier said than done: Writing detailed concepts and implementing them according to fixed plans or in opposite rolling out large quantities of immature approaches in a short cycle does often not lead to the effects desired.

To be effective, we have to focus on the customer: the people in our own company.
With HRbyEmployee, we offer you a digitization concept that focuses on the employee and makes your HR work effective. The concept ensures that the most fruitful projects are tackled.

In particular common processes offer great potential for greater satisfaction through focused process optimisation.

Together we work on complex topics in simpleHRProjects. These are simple and agile projects that quickly show effects. For this we use, for example, scrum, MVP or DesignThinking as well as EmpathyMaps or pilot groups. Results can then be scaled and expanded as required.

Our special area is the SAP environment. We support the usage of powerful IT tools in such a way that they foster HR's cost and time efficiency and can be handled intuitively. We rely on pragmatic solutions in SAP HCM projects, preferably on modern technologies such as UI5 and Fiori combined with workflows and good integrations, e.g. with SuccessFactors and the SAP Cloud Platform.

Holistic analyses delivered e.g. through our HR-IT-QuickCheck help you to understand how to prepare the ground for an agile, effective implementation of digital HR. Objectives are, to detect current sources of error and / or cumbersome ways and implement measures to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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