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Agile SAP HR Projects


Many HR departments already use SAP HCM. You too?


Due to diverse setups, it is not easy to realise ideas: an idea becomes a specification, a tender for concept, a requirement catalogue, a tender for implementation, an implementation project. . . You are probably well experienced in this process.


We believe that there is more: through agility and the orientation towards existing systems, we quickly achieve effective results for you and your employees.


We use DesignThinking, MinimalViableProduct or SCRUM for SAP HCM projects.


After a joint orientation, we define the best-fit project approach.

For each phase, we define the most important functions and the value they bring to your company. This way we ensure that we always implement what really has an effect, staying within the agreed budget.

An apparently simple example:
Proof of work as a self-service for employees.


Providing a certificate of employment can quickly turn into an extensive project if you start to think more deeply: Which information needs to be on the certificate? Which elements can be selected optional? What is the specific usage? Is printing required? Who needs to sign, who needs to approve?


This way a simple project becomes a comprehensive specification sheet. A very lengthy process starts. Alternatively a solution is purchased on the market and integrated moderately. Result is that employees even do not even start to use the service as they do not find it as they keep on forgetting their log-in data.


From experience we can say that it is worthwhile to first consider established methods: Who would benefit from the service and use it? What are the expectations of this persona? Starting from there we initiate a prototype. The prototype will be developed iteratively into a valid solution to be set live early on.


This way a significant achievement with minimum time and effort can be realised. Certainly we need to be aware that this first version will not cover all eventualities and that not everybody will be satisfied. Important ist, that it will bring real benefit. As next step the solution can be further developed and expanded with functionalities further increasing the overall value - according to your priority compared to other projects on the agenda. Or we just ask those affected on what should be next: employees and managers.

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