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Xperience newHR

Xperience newHR


Together with you we would like to get to know, develop and try out new ways of HR work.

We provide impulses through lectures, workshops and presentations covering trends and insights into the work of others. To foster openness to a new way of thinking about HR and leadership we like to irritate and inspire through our inputs on leadership events.

Inspirations come, for example, from the areas of new work, new organisational models, HR as technology pioneer or the digital alignment of business models or operational processes.

In workshops with cross-functional teams, we develop concrete ideas and ways for your individual situation. We use activating formats and aim at achieving results, which are directly usable.

To test new ways we will show you how to start experiments in your own environment and thus inspire others to create effective solutions together. We use agile methods - DesignThinking, UserStories, Scrum, etc. - as well as creative and new forms of collaboration. We are happy to accompany these experiments on different levels or coordinate them with you.

With the HRLab we support you to overcome massive innovation barriers. We create the protected space to successfully develop and test concepts with substantial implications. Initiatives such as new remuneration models or employee feedback and assessment systems can be tested under real conditions and iteratively developed further together with those affected. This way it is possible to "make the elephant dance" in quick projects.

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Xperience newHR
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