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Shape the new normal with real experiences

Lock-down Retrospective

In the meantime corona measures have been reduced, hygiene concepts have been implemented and more colleagues are again coming to the office. Ocasionally face-to face meetings take place and you no longer spend your lunch break alone at your desk.


But what did your company learn from these hard times with home office, vacation cuts or even short-time work? How did it influence working methods and internal processes? Which changes should remain and which ideas and new formats can be expanded?


Taking usage of related learnings and ideas we support you in deriving actions in five steps.

1. Where do you stand?

2. What experiences did you make?

3. What are the insights?

4. With what experiment do we start?

5. What's next?


The five steps are divided into three 3 phases:


Initiation Workshop

The workshops is conducted with a cross-functional team of three to four key players from HR and, if possible, three employees or managers from other areas. We will be happy to help you in advance with the selection.

We start with a short reflection at the personal level. As next step we look together at the impact of the lock-down, its traces and internal and external framework conditions.



You will conduct short interviews with around 25 employees from different areas and levels. Don't worry, we will prepare you well for this. You collect experiences from March 2020 until today. Important is to collect real opinions, emotions, successes and failures. This input will serve as foundation for later decisions.

In parallel, employees will receive a simple, anonymous, digital evaluation sheet asking questions about the lock-down time. The data will be aggregated for trends and opinions

Design Workshop

Objectives of the one-day workshop are: derive insights from interviews and the employee survey, deduct hypotheses, develop experiments and decide if and if useful how selected actions can be implemented for "the new normal". If appropriate we actively consult you by bringing in our experience and know-how from HR and IT.

Finally we discuss how effects can be evaluated and adjusted and how you can act agile and effectively in the coming period.



  • We define real, realistic actions with related responsibilities rather than ideas that "should be made"

  • Our targeted contribution of digitisation and HR expertise provides stimulation and security

  • HR takes an active role in shaping the new normal

  • Actions agreed-upon are based on real experiences of the workforce

  • Employees and managers are part of the process, which increases bonding

  • HR's reputation increases through showing interest in and
    appreciation of the employees' experiences 

Book Now

Because we know how difficult it is to sound out budgets and negotiate prices at the moment, we would like to give you this workshop with the above scope

Flat rate for the price of € 4,990

plus travel expenses and VAT.


Call us , write to us or register here - even if you "only" have a question.

Create the new normal now and secure your workshop.

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