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HR IT Strategy & Vendor Selection

How can our HR IT strategy support the goals of HR?

Initial Situation

Expectations towards the digitization of HR are high. However, often there is a lack of a holistic HR IT strategy. HR applications are selected and introduced based on situational needs and from an isolated point of view. This leads to a partially optimised, fragmented and poorly integrated HR IT architecture. User acceptance is low due to the inconsistent user experience. The added value of individual HR applications is questioned, the employee experience suffers, manual interfaces and higher maintenance costs lead to inefficiencies and higher costs.



Goals of an HR IT strategy and the underlying HR IT architecture are to support the HR strategy with best-fit applications and related integrations in order to professionalise HR and contribute to it's value-add, to increase the employee experience and to reduce costs.


How does our current HR IT landscape look like?

How can we optimise HR IT to support our HR strategy?

How can we bring goals and interests of HR and HR IT together?

Where are the levers for which issues?

We support you in analyising the status quo, defining the target model, deriving a prioritised roadmap, creating the business case and accompanying related changes.
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